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x_niyki's Journal

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welcome to my creative journal where all my:
[x] icons
[x] sketches
[x] photos worth showing
[x] headers; friends only banners; other graphical rubbish
[x] fan fiction
[x] original fiction
[x] creative drabbles
and other whatnots reside

look out for song downloads (I do not refresh links unless you're on my flist. Sorry); recommendations (I happen to recommend alot) as well.

my personal journal lives at niyki. It is friends only; and I beg of you - unless you actually want to read my utter random rambles sludged over actual gems of special icons and whatever that are only released to those on my flist; do not comment to be added. It'll just be wasting your time, and mine - because I happen to like making attempts at getting to know people.

as a rule - all work found here belongs to me, and me alone. Do not steal, plagiarise, resist the polite credit and comment, or flame. Don't like my work - go elsewhere. Constructive criticism, however, is much appreciated.
acoustic guitar, actors, actresses, anne mccaffery, anne of green gables, anne shirley, anti-umbridge, art, aslan, audery hepburn, bethany dillon, blonde moments, blue, bonnie hunt, breakfast at tiffany's, c.s. lewis, cassandra claire's draco malfoy, childish dreams, chocolate, chocolate cookies, chris tomlin, christianity, clueless, coldplay, colin creevy, colours, cos, dakota fanning, dance, daniel radcliffe, darkfall, darksong, delta goodrem, detour 180, dnms, elfgift, elfking, eyes, fan fiction, fleur delacour, french words, friends, fruitcake, georgie henley, german, get better kisses, gilbert blythe, gloria jeans, god, gof, good charlotte, graphics, green, green day, green monkey dreams, grunge, guitar, happy songs, harry potter, harry potter books, harry potter fan fiction, hbp, hillsong, hillsong united, hot chocolate, hugs, iced chocolate, icon making, icons, insanity, interesting names, isobelle carmody, j.k. rowling, j.r.r. tolkien, jack johnson, james mcavoy, jesus, john 3:16, john mayer, johnny depp, jude law, keira knightley, legendsong trilogy, lord of the rings, lotr, luna lovegood, mandy moore, matchbox 20, misspelled words, mochachinnos, much ado about nothing, music, obernewtyn chronicles, ootp, orange, original rpgs, orlando bloom, parody, people, photobucket, photography, photoshop, poa, poetry, pop, ps, punk, purple, reading, red, red skies, remus lupin, return of the king, rock, romeo + juliet, rpg, sarah blasko, sarah maclachlan, shakespeare, short stories, sirius black, skandar keynes, songwriting, stacie orrico, starbucks, sukie's terry boot, sunsets, susan price, switchfoot, the bible, the chronicles of narnia, the hobbit, the screwtape letters, the two towers, tonks, typos, unavoidable stupidity, unusual names, worship, writing, yellow, yellow flowers, zacharius smith